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Cavo Delea, an excellent accommodation proposal in the heart of Poseidi in Kassandra Halkidiki.

Two projects that our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, has supplied materials qualified as finalists in the Greek Architecture Awards.

Learn more about the project: "Under the Landscape: Thirasia 2021-22".

We are pleased to announce that our company is now a member of RILEM.

We present you the Workshops of Architecture in Venice 2021.

We present you the design and implementation of the home in an olive grove in Gonatsa, Messinia

Dalkafouki Oikos, has undertaken the sponsorship for the creation of the exhibits in the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.

Aggregates are stone, natural materials which are the first natural material used and continue to be used in construction.

Rilem member, selection of hotels in Hydra, pebble floor and joints...

We present you Nesea Boutique Apartments in Hydra.

In this article you will find selected actions that we supported in 2019 and 2020.

We wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter!

New video of MicroArt application, presentation of a Europa Nostra award-winning project, system against rising humidity...

Grouting is the work carried out on a stone structure and aims to fix the masonry.

The book about the mosque of Feride Hanum in Thessaloniki.

In this article you will find selected actions that we supported in 2017 and 2018.

Integrated system against rising humidity for historic buildings.

Our latest news, awards, new materials and finished projects!

We present you the restoration of the house of Pavlou Mela.

In this article you will find selected actions that we supported in 2015 and 2016.

Our company was invited to 100% Broadcasting: Trends and Innovations, and talked about the various cork products!

All our latest news, events and lectures we participated in product trends and more..

The Green Vocation color series is characterized by low VOC content, is odorless during and after application and does not contain solvents.

Works that we have supplied part or all of the restoration materials and have been distinguished at the Europa Nostra Awards for their exemplary restoration.

With great pleasure we presented our new products in the digital issue "The new products of the 9 months of 2020", of Build.

Works that we have procured the special compatible mortars and which have been presented in the magazine Ek magazine

The word absence prevailed within us(..) but it left a void to now fill it with new hopeful beginnings and with the people we love.

All of us at Dalkafouki Oikos, wish you Happy Holidays!

Instructions of how you can find our company at the online exhibition 100% Hotel Show 2020.

It is our great pleasure to present you our award at Building Material Awards 2020!

On the 23rd to 27th of November 2020 the first online exhibition of the 100% Hotel Show will be held.

We present you pictures from the hotels and guesthouses to which we have provided with materials from our company.

On Friday 23/10, at 11:00, Maria Dalkafouki will be happy to participate in a Live Q&A of Hotelier Academy Greece.

In conclusion, in this last tribute you will find information about the water-based silicate mineral paint Fassil P313 and its suitable primer Fassil F 328.

In this tribute you will find information about the microcimento MicroArt!

It is our pleasure to participate in the ECOWEEK Online Challenge that will take place on October 2-4!

In this tricute we present the styles of Sfide d' Arte from the Italian House Fassa Bortolo.

New application of Mind The Map at Lemnos!

In this tribute we present you the products of the Italian House Calce del Brenta

Villa Phaedra is a typical example of local traditional architecture.

Learning about Fassacouche colored plaster.

This year's motto of the World Environment Day is "Time for Nature"!

The first Pocket Park in our city, Thessaloniki!

Learning about cork, its properties and also its use as a building material.

Our wishes for a different Easter, the truth of which is revealed in our hearts.

Stay at home, stay connected! Read about the ways we can oblige you.

Stories written by our own Maria Dalkafouki.

All your trust, the excellent behavior of the materials in the long run, that exceeded all expectations lay the foundations in our plans that look to the future.

Dalkafoukis Ltd in collaboration with the Bulouki team presents you the traditional wood oven made as part of the "Shelter" action.

Our company's, Pumice Stone Dalkafoukis, participation in The 28th International Exhibition of Agrotica 2020, was succesfully completed.

Dalkafouki Ltd will participate as sponsor in the upcoming workshop in Chania on Saturday 15/2/2020!

Our company will participate again this year at the 28th International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Supplies - Agrotica 2020

Stories written by our own Maria Dalkafouki.

Dalkafouki Oikos presents the ancient theatre of Kassiopi.

The scientific Conference entitled "Protection - Conservation and Restoration of Monuments of Culture – 20 years I.P.C." will be held on 20-23 of November in AUTH.

Find information for the presentations about Plaka Bridge within "Kalderimi X2", organized by Boulouki.

Our company participates as sponsor in the exhibition "Europa Nostra Awards 1978-2019" , in Athens , organized by the Elliniki Etairia!

We had the honour and the pleasure to participate in the Open Village -"For Nature and Cultural Heritage", held in Saint Lavrentios in Pelion.

We introduce the project "Cultural Route of Ancient Theatres of Epirus", for which we created and placed 5 tactile maps.

Loggou Mansion or the "Red House", at Thessaloniki, is seen in the junction between Saint Sofia and Ermou

We present to you the completion of the "route" of the program "Cultural Route of the Ancient Theaters of Epirus".

Stories written by our own Maria Dalkafouki.

Eco-building is a unique and innovative element of differentiation.

Young professionals in the field of cultural heritage are discussing issues of interest.

Our desire to remain innovative and pioneers in the materials we supply led us to Treviso.

We present to you the bio-ecological approach of the construction sector.

Dalkafouki Oikos will participate at the Design Lab exhibition which will take place in the historic building of Bagion on May 11-13 in Athens.

Stories written by our own Maria Dalkafouki.

In addition to our participation, our company also sponsors the "Shelters" action and in particular the workshop "Making traditional wood oven".

In the heart of Jerusalem and in the Holy Temple of the Resurrection of the Lord, the Holy Sepulcher sends a message of hope and peace all over the world.

Installation of a tactile map in the Castle of Mytilene by Mind The Map. The map features audio description, Braille writing, experiential additions and symbols.

If I could give a title to everything the change of the year triggers and share it with you it would be “loving what you do is happiness”.

The 5th Panhellenic Conference on Restoration organized by ETEPAM was held on January 10-12, 2019 with great success.

Ellet- Thessaloniki Branch, organized an exhibition on the promotion of Byzantine monuments and ensembles whose restoration was awarded by Europa Nostra.

In the new offices of our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, we have used most of our product range!

About 2 years ago, in the offices of Dalkafouki Oikos, we conceived the idea of creating a training center.