2019-2020: Actions we supported
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Our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, actively supports actions related to the revival, promotion, and preservation of our cultural heritage. Restoration and architecture are areas of particular importance for our country, and with great honor we stand sponsored by an abundance of conferences, actions, exhibitions, and presentations, contributing to their realization.

Closing another decade, we make a small review of recent years and present to you in 3 tributes our sponsorship actions from 2015 to 2020.

In this article you will find selected actions that we supported in 2019 and 2020.


10 to 12 January 2019, Eugenides Foundation Athens

On the 10th, 11th and 12th of January 2019, the 5th Panhellenic Restoration Conference was held with great success, organized by the Society for the Research and Promotion of the Scientific Restoration of Monuments (ETEPAM). (see the relevant article here https://dalkafoukis.gr/en/blog/reading-about-the-5th-national-congress-of-restoration-rcpsr/). The conference was held at the Eugenides Foundation with special topics: (a) the restoration of monumental ensembles and (b) the problems of preservation and operation of the restored monuments. People from our company attended the conference.


1 to 6 May 2019, Melissourgoi Shelter at Tzoumerka

From 1-6 May 2019, a workshop was held at the Mountain Shelter of Melissourgoi in Tzoumerka in which a traditional wood oven was built with the sponsorship of materials from our company. (see the relevant article here https://dalkafoukis.gr/en/blog/diavazontas-gia-ti-drasi-quot-katafygia-quot/). The organization of this workshop was undertaken by “Boulouki”, an urban non-profit company of five young architects-engineers with the object of traditional building techniques. Finally, the practical training was accompanied by speeches-lectures open to the public, by reputable academics, including M. Arakadaki from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and E. Tsakanika from NTUA.


June 21, 2019, Palace of Galerius Thessaloniki

On June 21, 2019, a musical event was held at the archaeological site of the Palace of Galerius in Thessaloniki, organized by the Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Thessaloniki, Friends of the choir “Yannis Mantakas” of AUTh and Friends of the Historic Center of Thessaloniki. The concert was attended by the Choir “Giannis Mantakas” of AUTh and the “Choir Workshop” of the Department of Music Studies of AUTH.


5 to 8 September 2019, Agios Lavrentios Pelion

In two phases on July 13-14 and September 5-8, 2019, the Open Village – “For nature and cultural heritage” was organized, which took place in Agios Lavrentios in Pelion. (see the relevant article here https://dalkafoukis.gr/en/blog/3889/). Our company attended the 2nd phase concerning the Cultural Heritage. The purpose of the event is to contribute to local development, utilizing local cultural and natural resources. Our company, Dalkafouki Oikos LTD, supports every year the organization of the institution as a sponsor and provides the traditional building materials for the rehabilitation workshop that takes place. It is worth noting that the Open Village initiative was started in 2017 by Ms. Patra Theologidou and is being implemented until today with the cooperation of residents, local organizations, and friends of Agios Lavrentios.

20-23 November 2019, Technical University of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

With the completion of 20 years of operation of the Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies of the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki “Protection, Preservation, Restoration of Cultural Monuments” a scientific conference was held entitled “Protection – Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments – 20 years Interdepartmental Program of Postgraduate Studies ». The purpose of the conference was to present through its trained speakers, the interdisciplinary dimension of the program and its contribution to the protection and promotion of our cultural heritage. The conference was attended by speakers scientists from all over Greece who are involved in the preservation, protection and restoration of cultural monuments. Also, a special part of this conference was the participation of graduates of the program, who through their knowledge and experience have contributed with their speeches to the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of our country. The scientific conference took place on November 20-23, 2019, at the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and specifically at the P. Panagiotopoulos Amphitheater.


October 12 to December 31, 2019, Fethiye Mosque Athens

From October 12 to December 31, 2019, another exhibition was held by the Hellenic Society for the Protection and Environment in Athens, where works, awarded by Europa Nostra, were presented. In the context of the exhibition, the visitors had the pleasure and the opportunity to learn about emblematic Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments but also about the works which received pan-European distinction for their high quality, in the exhibition “Europa Nostra – Awards 1978-2019”. The aim of the exhibition is the dialogue but also the preservation and strengthening of our cultural heritage. The exhibition was enriched with 6 Europa Nostra award-winning monuments of Greece and the award-winning work in 2019 “Culture Trail”, an excellent example of integration of cultural heritage and natural landscape. The exhibition took place at the restored Fethiye Mosque in the Roman market. The Hellenic Society, collaborated with its branch in Thessaloniki, the Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Athens and the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage.


February 15, 2020, Technical University of Crete Chania

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, a conference was organized on: “Protection of cultural heritage with modern materials and methods, applications to 20th century concrete monuments”, by the Laboratory of Cultural Heritage and Modern Building Materials of the School of Architecture. The presentations were related to issues associated to the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage, and of particular interest were the fact that innovative nanotechnology materials were presented as well as modern methods of construction control. The meeting was held at the Center for Mediterranean Architecture, in Chania, Crete, in the framework of the Horizon 2020 InnovaConCrete program (see here: www.innovaconcrete.eu), by the professor at the Technical University of Crete and Director of the Laboratory of Cultural Heritage Materials, Mrs Noni Maravelaki.


June 5, 2020, Environment Day

Concluding the presentation of our company’s sponsorships, on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2020, June 5, 2020, and this year’s motto “Time for nature”, Dalkafouki Oikos contributed to the creation of an informative spot on environmental issues. The purpose of the video is to awaken and concern the citizens about the environmental crisis we are going through today. The video was edited by members of the Steering Committee of ELLET – Thessaloniki Branch, and specifically the President of the branch Mrs. Theologidou Cleopatra and Mr. Mitsas Angelos. Also, the duties of text editing and general support were undertaken by Mikrou Ioanna, Marketing Manager of our company Dalkafouki Oikos.


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