Buildings of the past, stories of the future


Raw Materials
Restoration of monuments and traditional buildings
Rehabilitation - reuse of newer monuments
Natural Construction
New trends in architectural heritage

The correct procedure in selecting high quality raw materials provides the proper result in the creation of mortars for every application or in their individual use. Select raw materials like natural hydraulic lime, pozzolan, ceramic powder, organic and inorganic pigments etc. according to the needs of your project.

Restoration is the operation that we have to do to a monument or traditional set, which has been damaged by time, in order to ensure the continuation of its existence and its transition to future generations. A prerequisite for a safe procedure is the compatibility between the new mortars and the existing, natural materials, without cement. Select compatible materials for all applications such as grout, mortar, recoveries, masonry coatings and sanitation systems.

Our country has a variety of buildings, which are characterized as preservable, and they reflect the architectural trends of modern European history. In these buildings we should intervene with respect to, their architectural structure, the environment, the individuality of each for their safe reuse and maintain their aesthetics. Select appropriate structural restoration mortars, systems for energy upgrade, special interior and exterior flooring, colors and layer coatings.

It is imperative that we pursue sustainability and energy as a regulating factor of modern structure. Materials from the past such as clay, cork and lime, through years of scientific research for the development and improvement of building materials, must convert the traditional building system to sustainable bioclimatic buildings with the smallest ecological footprint. Choose natural breathable materials!

The materials are an integral part of architectural design. Sometimes an inspiration and sometimes characterize the overall image and identity of each construction. All new trends must be original, because what today we consider innovative, tomorrow marks the building historically. Specific techniques of layer coating, special cement mortar, novel decorative cork combinations and new configuration trends of internal and external flooring.

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Suggestions for Listed & Preserved Buldings

The interior or exterior colouring of any building is part of its architectural element. The historic center of every city, the traditional or continental insular settlements, are characterized by color. The goal is to maintain the original unique aesthetic tint, the image that the building had to date, by applying specific physical water glass paints, water glass pastes and water-based paints. Reliable products, ideal for specific applications fully compatible with the walls for permanent effect, in individual or total embellishments, or maintenance of buildings.



of historic buildings

A small corner of the Mediterranean, our country has vast cultural heritage that is reflected in the architectural wealth. Prehistoric settlements, monuments of classical antiquity, knightly castles, medieval fortresses, stone lighthouses, Byzantine churches, monasteries, Ottoman mosques, palaces and modern buildings. Their common feature, mortar. The starting materials, manufacturing methods and the damage they have endured, makes the restoration of each monument a unique case and challenge.



ecological houses

Ecological house is considered a home, environmentally friendly, designed and constructed using modern building materials based on traditional techniques. It requires minimum energy consumption, proper use of natural resources that have the smallest ecological footprint and are the most important parameter in maintaining sustainability. Their construction with materials that allow perspiration ensures consistency of their characteristics and their integration into the natural environment.



in an eco way

Changing profile of a conventional construction is both necessary and demanding. Old standars are abandoned, new technologies are integrated, and become a total that perfectly contains the present and the ecological future. A proper renovation means substantial contribution to the improvement of the construction of identity. With short-range interventions we can significantly upgrade our premises and give them a new identity both aesthetically and environmentally.



the surrounding area

The surrounding area is a structural complement, which is both a closed modern cityscape and an open cultural landscape. Archaeological trails, parks and landscaping, sport facilities, forest paths, landscaping public buildings and museums, schoolyards include the pebble scopes of stabilized natural flooring. The harmonized configuration is the key to proper integration into the image space.

Commitment to the preservation of tradition

Creating with humanity. Materials with respect to the history and the environment. Staff with experience and perception. For over 17 years, we innovate and specialize in highly demanding and sensitive subject of appropriate construction materials for the restoration of historical and traditional sets, traditional communities and the physical layout of buildings and outdoor areas.

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