Who we are
The Company

In 1961, 58 years ago, the company was founded by John Dalkafoukis, in Northern Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. The company’s primary objective was the processing and marketing of building materials and pumice. In 2004, 45 years later, the second generation, founded the company Dalkafouki House LTD, marking the vision of
Maria Dalkafouki and Aris Mikrou, to combine the long-term activity of the company with their love for culture and the preservation of our cultural and architectural heritage. In 2015, the third generation George and Joanna Mikrou are staffing the two existing companies by developing new ideas and creating new segments, combining once again the history of the company with their personal touch.

Our company operates according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001: 2013.


Who we are

We are our principles.

Respect for heritage and tradition, excellent quality products, continuous contact with people in every project, ecological awareness and sensitivity, continuous development and modernization.

The reason is simple: we feel the honor and the responsibility that comes in  our involvement with so many important projects throughout the country. The respect and the attention we owe to the uniqueness of each building or structure, is for us a non-negotiable value and pivotal difference in our overall approach as a company.

Maria Dalkafouki CEO & Sales Manager Ms. Dalkafouki Maria, CEO and manager of domestic and foreign sales, is in each project , with continuous presence, until completion to ensure the best outcome. Her association with all the people in each project is her main feature.
Aris Mikrou Logistics & Accounting Manager Responsible for the receipt and dispatch of all orders of the warehouse operation and proper coordination of financial transactions of the company, Mr. Aris Mikrou is an integral part of the daily operations of the company.
George Mirkou Project Manager Mr. George Mikrou specializes in the strategic design of products and is responsible for packaging design, new products and the individual project known as, Mind the Map. He is the first to conceive the idea of tactile 3D printed maps of archaeological sites and museums for people with visual disabilities.
Ioanna Mikrou Marketing & PR Manager The exposure of our company to new media and new ways is a newfound section that has been undertaken by Joanna Mikrou. Sponsorships, participation in conferences and presentations, educational programs and corporate social responsibility are some of the daily tasks.
Lever Sleeping Beauty Our Lever is the mascot of our office. She has assumed the difficult task of encouraging the rest of us, using difficult techniques such as tail shake and hugs. Lever, is a guide dog for the blind, belongs to GREEK GUIDE DOGS and her mom is Ioanna.

The Coordinator Vasileia Malamou Administrative Office Assistant
Our facilities

Our company is located in a private area of 13 acres, in the area of Nea Ionia,Thessaloniki. Our facilities include, enclosed and open product storages and processing areas and packing materials. Our office is a comfortable multipurpose space that perfectly meets our philosophy. It includes offices, a specially designed training center, showroom, meeting room, a room where our partners can work and a new applications and projects designing room.

For the reconstruction, were used, both during construction and upon completion, most of our range of products (Ecological materials, structural styles, special paints). Our guests, clients or partners have the opportunity to see up close applications rather than on samples but on large surfaces where the final result is seen.

Our Projects

Academic Partnerships


Two are the main research objects of the Laboratory of Ceramics and composites: one is the design and development of tailor-made – and compatible with the authentic materials – mortar and grout for the restoration of architectural heritage site. The second, is the development of innovative nano-composites for securing and protecting the archaeological findings and monuments. The unique tradition and expertise of the laboratory, extends in the field of application of physical and chemical methods of analysis for the study of, corrosion mechanisms of archaeological and modern inorganic materials, reproduction of ancient fire-technologies (eg ceramics, mortar, glass, metals Mr. .lp.) and in studies of origin and processing raw materials in antiquity.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Faculty of Engineering
The laboratory of Building materials of the Department of Science and Technology of the faculty of civil engineering AUTH, develops for over 25 years significant research activity on two main research areas: The analysis of historical materials of monumental heritage (in combination with the design of compatible restoration materials), and applied research to promote innovative building materials -and the utilization of industrial byproducts in construction. The scientific staff of the Laboratory consists of experienced and young researchers of various scientific specialties (Civil Engineers, Geologists, Chemists, Architects) in order to respond adequately to the complex problems encountered in the construction. The Laboratory has ISO 9001: 2008 certification for controlling several building materials.

Bristol University

Interface Analysis Centre
The Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) is a cutting-edge multidisciplinary research hub at the University of Bristol. It is a research group within the School of Physics and provides advanced and routine materials characterisation, data interpretation tools and expertise. In addition to conducting materials science research we also provide analysis and consultancy services to industry. Materials such as polymers, plastics, composites, metals, alloys, ceramics and building materials have diverse properties that impact performance. Our materials analysis services evaluate material quality and provide the necessary insight to improve performance and resolve failure or contamination issues. As a group, the IAC is fortunate to host a wide array of analytical equipment that is attractive to both academia and industry, with the group possessing a large number of external collaborators.


Laboratory of Science and Engineering of Materials of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
A workshop with major research project, experience and expertise in the field of protection of structural cultural heritage. It combines non-destructive and instrumental techniques for characterization and diagnosis of wear of materials, , provides scientific support to design conservative interventions rehabilitation and sustainability, and provides integrated design innovative building and restoration materials, compatible with the historic ones. The EETY has gained considerable experience from numerous European and national programs, applying its expertise in iconic landmarks such as the Holy Canopy of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the Medieval City of Rhodes.

Awards - Distinctions
Plaka Bridge
Byzantine Church of Hagia Kyriaki
Ancient City of Karthaia
Bastion of the Grand Master's palace in Rhodes
Byzantine Church of St. Peter in Kastania
Antouaniko Mansion in Kampos Chios
Propylaea Central Building
Ancient Messene
Archaelogical Site of Nicopolis
Archaelogical Site of Galerius' Palace in Thessaloniki