Meeting.. Nesea Boutique Apartments Hydra

On the island of Hydra with its crystal clear waters and cobbled alleys, “Nesea” begins its operation in 2020. Its name comes from the ancient Greek Mythology, from the “Nereids” who were the protectors of sailors and fishermen.

“Nesea” or Nesea Boutique Apartments is located in Hydra, just three minutes away from the port of the island, and is an accommodation that offers apartments of high aesthetics. Natural ecological materials were used during the construction and decoration. Most areas of the hotel are decorated in pastel tones and earth tones with furniture that exude harmony and serenity in the space and give the feeling that “you are at home”. Elements of classical island architecture have been added to the modern architecture of the area, a fact that can be seen from the wooden beamed ceilings. None of the rooms at Nesea Boutique Apartments is decorated in the same way as the other, which enhances this sense of “home”.

Our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, supplied water based paints, which offer high breathability along with a high aesthetic result and give the feeling of calm and serenity.


The project was implemented by Tripodakis Architects and the photos are by George Sfakianakis.