Meeting.. the house of Pavlou Mela

The house of the great Macedonian warrior Pavlos Melas is located at 40 Tatoiou Street in Athens. The house was built in 1895 and was a typical example of the architecture of that time. Pavlos Melas himself had participated in the design of the house. It is rumored that he left this building for his great cause. The house, which was described as protected, housed for many years the family that the young officer made with the daughter of the then Prime Minister Stefanos Dragoumis, Natalia. The historic building was donated to the Ministry of Defense by Pavlos Melas granddaughter, Natalia Ioannidis, and a large donor undertook its restoration.
In 2009 the Ministry of Culture decided to carry out immediate fixing works to prevent its collapse. In 2012, the Directorate of Protection and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Monuments approved the complete study for the restoration of the house, and work began in 2020.
Due to the importance but also the historicity of the building we felt special honor and joy when our company was selected to supply fixing and reinforcement mortars, coatings, finishes and lime paints.
The implementation of this project is an achievement of special historical, architectural and artistic value as the house of Pavlos Melas will function “as a living history monument so that the younger generations can get to know this great personality through his personal belongings donated by his relatives”.


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