Meeting..the private house at the center of Thessaloniki

All the products of our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, as we have mentioned are suitable for restorations of old buildings and traditional ensembles, restorations, and reuse of newer monuments. However, they can have a perfect application in any home as we will see below in the renovation that took place in a house in the center of Thessaloniki.

For each space, different products suitable for indoor use were used, which highlight each space.

In the first phase for the bedroom, the Calce del Brenta company used Vivasan Pittura in the shade Primula 5236. As we have mentioned in an earlier tribute to Calce del Brenta products, the Vivasan Pittura is a natural extinguished lime wall paint used for interior painting and exterior surfaces. As a lime color it offers great perspiration and has a special fungicidal action. The choice of warm ocher for the bedroom was made as it gives a feeling of warmth that is suitable for a space that is used for rest and relaxation.

Instead, the Green Vocation series was used to color the office. The products that make it up are characterized by a low content of volatile organic compounds, are odorless during and after their application and do not contain solvents. More specifically, the EVOC FH07 series was used, which gives us a deep blue color with a matte effect. The choice of this shade was made to give depth and harmony in the workplace where one is required to have the maximum concentration. It offers excellent coverage, is durable over time and has a very low environmental footprint.

Finally, Desideri Minerale in the shade DM42 was chosen for the hall where the guest’s welcome area is. It is a matte decorative style with an iridescent look and granulometrically inert. Desideri Minerale is a style of the Sfide d’Arte series that offers a wide variety of shades and finishes and cover every space by upgrading it. Precisely because it is the first place one encounters when entering a house, a khaki shade has been chosen which gives warmth.