Meeting.. the Monastery of Holy Trinity of Tzagarolon

The Patriarchal and Stavropegian Monastery of the Holy Trinity of Tzagarolos, is located at the foot of the Stavros mountain range in the central area of ​​Cape Chania. It is a four-sided monastery complex, with a rich offer in the history and education of the island. It was built in the first half of the 17th century. The restoration works of the Holy Monastery started in 2020 and were completed in October 2021.

For the works, our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, in the first phase supplied the repair mortars Rinzaffo 720 and Intonaco 700 and then supplied the natural color Pittura. Pittura is applied internally and externally and is ideal for use in historical monuments and buildings, as it is based on lime, a natural and ecological raw material.

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