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The program “Under the Landscape: Thirasia 2021 – 22” is an experiential cultural and educational project for the participatory re-interpretation of the Cave Buildings, the Local Materials and the Cultural Landscape of the Thera Caldera, which is organized and carried out by Boulouki. It is implemented in co-organization with the Municipality of Thira and the Community of Thirasia and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Greek National Commission for UNESCO and the Technical Chamber of Greece.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • the re-appropriation and upgrading of the man-made environment of the abandoned settlement of Agrilia, one of the most important cave settlements in the country,
  • the training of young professionals of Thira and Thirasia in the local traditional building techniques, in the restoration and in the knowledge of the local materials
  • the awareness and involvement of various stakeholders, from the local community to the scientific and technical community and from professionals of various specialties to central institutions, on issues of cultural and environmental management and development specific to the island of Thera.

On August 23, the restoration work started successfully in the traditional cave settlement of Agrilia in Thirasia through professional apprenticeship of young craftsmen, some of whom are permanent residents of the area. The above restoration works will be implemented in five (5) weeks, until September 24, 2021.

At the same time, for 2 weeks (September 6-17) new students and professionals will come in contact with the volcanic materials of the area and their use through two directions:

A) of traditional building techniques and B) of modern sculpture

Finally, as part of the participatory project, open events will be held for the residents of Thira and Thirasia, during which issues related to the protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of the region will be discussed. In addition, there will be the opportunity for residents to be informed about the participatory project and to participate in its work.

Here you can watch the video which shows part of the project that took place last May.

Our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, had the honor to participate as a sponsor in the above educational program.

For more information about the program you can visit the following website:

Cultural Project in Thera & Therasia | UnderTheLandscape | UnderTheLandscape

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