Reading about.. “Europa Nostra Awards 1978-2018” in Athens
Reading our news 11-10-2019

After the first exhibition which was an absolute success, another enriched exhibition will be followed by Elliniki Etairia Society for the  Environment and Cultural Heritage (ELLET) in Athens, where European Union-awarded restoration projects – Europa Nostra will be presented. At the highly renovated Fetixie Mosque on the Roman Market, visitors will have the joy and the opportunity to learn about emblematic Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments as well as works that received pan-European distinction for their high quality, in the exhibition “Europa Nostra Awards 1978-2019”.

The exhibition presents award-winning Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments (1978 -2018) in the European area and the eastern Mediterranean as well as a selection of recent Greek awarded works (2012 -2019). It aims to promote dialogue but also to preserve and enhance our Cultural Heritage. More specifically, it comprises 22 total Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments, as well as monuments that are related to Byzantine art and architecture, as evidence of the Byzantine civilization radiating over a large geographical area. Of these, 12 are in Greece, two in Thessaloniki, and the rest in the Balkans, Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean.

As stated in the official website of Elliniki Etairia, the exhibition in Athens is enriched with 6 Europa Nostra award-winning Greek monuments and the recently awarded 2019 “Culture Trails”, an excellent example of integrating cultural heritage and the natural landscape. Visitors have the opportunity to get a broad view of the categories of monuments and works awarded by Europa Nostra as the monuments on display are typical examples of antiquities, modern and pre-industrial monuments.

The exhibition will run until December 31, 2019 (opening hours: 08:00 – 18:00) and the opening will be on Saturday October 12, 2019 at 12:00 pm at the Fetixie Mosque on the Roman Market by the Minister of Culture Ms Lina. Mendoni. In organizing the exhibition, Elliniki Etairia collaborated with its branch in Thessaloniki, the Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens and the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage.

We, as Dalkafoukis Oikos, once again had the pleasure and honor to participate in the Exhibition as sponsors! It is a great honor for us to be sponsored in remarkable exhibitions and presentations like this one. The Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture always pioneers and paves the way.