Reading.. about the mosque of Feride Hanum
Reading our news 08-04-2021

The mosque of Feride Hanum, which stood out for its architecture, was built in 1903, and is located in the Metropolitan Park of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, in Thessaloniki. This monument has inspired Dr. Nikos Hatzytryfon, Civil Engineer, to write a book about it.

In 2020, he publishes free and digitally his book entitled: “The mosque of Feride Hanum”, which refers to the last Ottoman Mosque in Thessaloniki. The book presents in detail some salvage works for the restoration of the mosque, as well as some further theories of general interest – suggestions for reuse – restoration.

You can find it and download it by following the following link: “The mosque of Feride Hanum in Thessaloniki” – Book by Nikos Hadjitryfon • Open Library (

In 2021, limited copies were printed for disposal to institutions related to restoration and reuse. Our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, with special honor supported part of the publications.