Reading..about Building Material Awards 2022
Reading our news 22-03-2022

We are pleased to announce our company’s award at the Building Material Awards 2022!

The material we chose to compete this year is Diathonite Deumix +, a dehumidifying, lightweight, macroporous, and environmentally friendly coating, which innovates by adding cork to its mass to enhance the thermal insulation of the masonry.

Our participation in the category 3.5 Coatings (eg plasters, etc.) won a Gold Award.

The award ceremony took place on the afternoon of Monday, March 21, in a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere. The award was received by Mrs. Dalkafouki Maria with her warm thanks and she emphasized the specialization of our company in the restoration mortars, while Mrs. Ioanna Mikrou also attended the ceremony with her.

Thank you for the trust, and that you are all our companions all these years! Nothing would be possible without our partners, and all the people who have supported us. Our wish is, all the blessing we receive, to always return it.

From Diasen’s President, Mr. Diego Mingarelli
and Diasen’s Head of Export Department, Mr. Francesco Marcelli
Dear everybody: it’s with great pleasure that we accept this important Award for our cork-based plaster Diathonite Deumix+ on such an important market for us, which is Greece, a really close and friend country of Italy. 
Diasen is an Italian Benefit Corporation company, we develop and manufacture innovative green building materials, which have been awarded all over the world during the last years, so this important achievement in Greece is another amazing piece of our puzzle and for this, we really want to thank our distributor Dalkafoukis which is doing an amazing job to promote and distribute our materials for the historic-listed buildings there in Greece.
Once again thank you for your votes and for allowing our Diathonite Deumix+ to win the Gold Award.