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The daily newsletter of Build about the construction sector, has prepared the electronic special edition ” The new products of the 9 months of 2020″, wanting to highlight products that, despite the peculiarity of current events, made a dynamic appearance in the market, bringing innovation and new technologies.

With great pleasure we presented new products in the digital issue “The new products of the 9 months of 2020”, which can be found here.

On pages of this special edition you can read about the range of lime paints and lime pastes that we recently added to our range of materials, about the sound and heat insulating coating of Ecocork Lime , as well as about the colored base coat of Fassacouche.

More specifically, the range of lime colors and lime pastes offers 8 different finishing options in 160 available shades and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As their base is lime, they enhance perspiration and give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. This product line is suitable for new as well as historic and listed buildings.

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Find detailed information about each finish in the series by clicking here.

Ecocork Lime is an innovative lightweight thermal and acoustic insulation mortar based on natural hydraulic lime and cork, which offers high breathability and long life. It provides an energy upgrade to the space that is applied and is considered an innovative solution both in the part of restoration and in the part of ecological construction.

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Find detailed information on cork-based products, such as a complete thermal insulation system by clicking here.

Finally, Fassacouche colored base plaster is a ready-made dry colored mortar that is applied as an intermediate and final layer of colored coating. Available in 25 shades it can deliver four different textures. This is a mortar that does not need other impurities as it is colored in its mass and offers sealing properties. It is ideal for protection and decoration of facades.

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The above products are some of the latest additions to our company’s product range. They are materials that come to upgrade the field of restoration but also the renovation of older and newer buildings or preserved buildings.

For any clarification or additional information, you need regarding our products and their application you can contact us at the company’s phones (+302310722127) or send us an email at

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