Learning.. about grouting

Grouting is the work done on a masonry and aims to fasten the masonry. The obvious jointing can at the same time give a special architectural value by upgrading the aesthetic result.

First, the loose mortar should be removed, the masonry cleaned with sandblasting or waterproofing and the grouting mortar applied to a thickness that depends on the depth of the joint.

Depending on the design, the grout may remain visible or coated. In any case, the mortar that we will choose should offer breathability to the masonry and at the same time cover the needs of fixing the masonry.

In the case of visible grouting, in addition to choosing a harmonious shade, we choose a hydrophobic mortar, which is also suitable for the protection of the masonry from external environmental factors. In extremely difficult masonry, the application of a breathable waterproofer is examined for further protection, which at the same time will not cancel the characteristics of the underlying mortar.

We have suitable ready-made hydraulic lime mortars, suitable for external and internal application. For obvious joints we recommend the Malta Faccia A Vista 767 and MB 60, while for the case where the masonry will be coated in addition to the above, we additionally recommend the Malta Di Alletamento 770. In this case and in order not to cancel its features joint, the coating should have the same breathability characteristics.

Tip: In stone structures that are usually found on islands, it is chosen to paint the masonry with lime in order to protect and highlight the stone imprint.

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