Learning techniques and products

Suggestions for the exteriors of the preserved and the detached houses.

Aggregates are stone, natural materials which are the first natural material used and continue to be used in construction.

Grouting is the work carried out on a stone structure and aims to fix the masonry.

Integrated system against rising humidity for historic buildings.

The Green Vocation color series is characterized by low VOC content, is odorless during and after application and does not contain solvents.

In conclusion, in this last tribute you will find information about the water-based silicate mineral paint Fassil P313 and its suitable primer Fassil F 328.

In this tribute you will find information about the microcimento MicroArt!

In this tricute we present the styles of Sfide d' Arte from the Italian House Fassa Bortolo.

In this tribute we present you the products of the Italian House Calce del Brenta

Learning about Fassacouche colored plaster.

Learning about cork, its properties and also its use as a building material.

In the new offices of our company, Dalkafouki Oikos, we have used most of our product range!

About 2 years ago, in the offices of Dalkafouki Oikos, we conceived the idea of creating a training center.