Learning.. techniques and solutions at Dalkafouki tarining Center

Approximately two years ago, at the offices of Dalkafouki Oikos Ltd. the idea for the creation of a training center was conceived, Dalkafouki Oikos Training Centre. So, in order to attain our new concept, we undertook to create a specially designed space for the orderly conduct of the seminars. This area includes projector to display presentations, space to organize presentations, panel and workbenches. At the same time, this space serves as a showroom to some of the special materials we supply, such as various shapes decorative cork sheet and samples of special techniques and paints. However, what was the reason behind the creation of Dalkafouki Oikos Training Centre?

The answer is simple. Always having as our main focus humans and our constant need to share knowledge and reflections, created this training center, where we, together with all interested parties experience different application styles, paints and mortars without cement. It is a fact, that because of the constant evolution of the construction and engineering sector, we have considered the necessity of the creation of this training center to meet the growing needs.

So, in a specially designed area of ​​our company, we organize one-day specialized seminars that consist of both theoretical and practical part and application-specific hardware. Our objective, as mentioned, is to present the application of mortar without cement, different techniques, and also to demonstrate applications suitable for renovation and restoration of interior and exterior facades and spaces. The seminars are addressed mainly to civil engineers, architects, conservators, construction companies, paint and cement application companies but also to individuals. Organized in consultation with those who are interested in participating and the topics are adjusted to their needs.

The duration in some workshops is at about 4 hours and the number of trainees per course is 8 to 12. Of course, the duration of the courses and the number of participants may vary depending on the subject dealt with in each seminar. Some of the topics of the seminars are:  cement and pebble flooring applications, application of decorative cork panels, special painting techniques and clay material.

In conclusion, the trainings take place at the headquarters of Dalkafouki Oikos in 10th Km Thessaloniki – Veroia. It will be our great pleasure to see you and meet you!