Learning.. techiques at Dalkafoukis new offices

The new offices of Dalkafouki Oikos company, located in the same address but in a new, multipurpose bigger and comfortable space that perfectly matches our philosophy. It is for us an inspiring space designed and created by our lovely people, who fully listened to the need of our team and the result is a large space of positive energy flow! They include offices, a specially designed training room, exhibition hall, meeting room, a specially designed room for our partners and an office where we will design new applications and projects. For the reconstruction of space, it was used, both during construction and upon completion, most of our range of products (Ecological materials, structural styles, special paints). In autumn we will be organizing meetings – visits. Our guests, customers, partners will be able to see up close applications rather than on samples but on large surfaces, where the final result is highlighted.


Learning.. about cork Learning techniques and products