Learning..about MicroArt

In August 2018, with great pleasure, we presented our new offices.

In a previous article, (find it here ), we shared general information about our new space and the materials used during its renovation, which are included in the range of our products (ecological materials, structural styles, special paints, etc.).

Then, in order to present you in more detail the materials we have chosen, we have created for you a series of articles, each of which will concern specific products that have been applied or are going to, to the offices of Dalkafouki Oikos LTD.

In the previous tribute, we presented the paints – styles of Sfide d’ Arte ( see here ) , the products of Calce del Brenta (see here ) , in and older article, the colored plaster Fassacouche, a material that presents various possibilities of architectural applications ( see here ), while we have even presented the cork, a material that due to its physical properties is considered a unique building material (see here ). Sfide d’Arte styles, suitable for interiors, have decorated various areas of our offices (reception area, etc.), whereas Calce del Brenta products are applied to samples in the presentation area of our products and their application will soon take place in the building of the training center, in interior and exterior masonry, but also in selected parts of our headquarters. In designing our offices Fassacouche has been used as a coating on exterior masonry but also as a decorative central element in the meeting office, while we chose decorative cork panels for sound insulation and aesthetic upgrade in the presentation space.

In this tribute you will find information about the microcimento MicroArt!

MicroArt  is a small system of high-strength cementitious coating (see product here), which can be applied to various types of substrates, ensuring a luxurious finishing, adapted to both modern and traditional architectural aesthetics.

The main features of the MicroArt system are:

  • High quality finish, durability with reduced thickness, long life.
  • Possibility of application on walls and floors, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Ideal coating for application in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Suitable for renovation (can be applied on old substrates)

MicroArt is available in 15 colors, depending on the finish, it gives two final textures (rustic, fine) and also has 3 metallic patina textures. The texture of the metal patina as well as the two textures, rustic and fine, are achieved with a different combination of varnishes. All these combinations are adapted to different architectural styles and environments.

For the renovation of our offices, we used the MicroArt in all the corridors, in the walls of the bathroom as well as in the floors of the training center.

More specifically, in the corridors of our offices were used both textures of microcimento, the roughest in fact (rustic finish), was used to define the corridor around the meeting room, which also leads to the various workplaces. A total of 3 colors were applied.

On the walls of the bathrooms we chose the smooth texture with a more glossy varnish that gives a matte look. Finally, the application of MicroArt in the training center is the oldest application of the material in our premises and it is worth noting that, although the area where the training center is located, and the microcimento is applied, is located next to the loading and unloading point of the pumice stone, no damage has been observed.

* The photographs show MicroArt samples in various shades.