Reading..about ways you can find us at the online exhibition of 100% Hotel Show 2020
Reading our news 30-11-2020

We are pleased to announce that the 100% Hotel Show has started and is taking place online for the first time!

In a previous article (find it here) you can read all the information about our participation as exhibitors in this year’s Online exhibition.

The exhibition will last 5 days (Monday 23/11/2020 to Friday 27/11/2020) and takes place from 10:00 to 18:00.

In order to find us and make an appointment with us or to call us on the spot on camera at the time you wish you should follow the following steps:


  • First you will visit the page of 100% Hotel Show: and you will select the option “Register as a guest” (in case you have already registered you ignore this step).

  • Then after you are a registered visitor and log in with your details, go to the Exhibitors List and enter our profile: Dalkafouki Oikos 


  • Then, click on Dalkafouki Oikos and go to the right of the screen where there is an option “Make an appointment”. Follow this step-in case you want to make an appointment for a specific day and time throughout the exhibition. Going there, you choose what day and time you want to arrange our appointment. Once you click confirm, the Link of our meeting will be displayed. At any time, by logging in to your profile you can find this link.



  • However, in case you want to talk to a representative of our company on the spot on camera, you will go to the home page of the 100% Hotel Show and select the option “Live Exhibition”.



  • There you will find the icon of our company as well as its available representatives. Click “Make Appointment” to call us directly on camera.



We will be happy to meet you on camera!