Reading.. about the collaboration of Mind the Map with the University of Ioannina
Reading our news 03-03-2022

The team of Mind the Map, in collaboration with the University of Ioannina (in the framework of actions of the Student Accessibility and Social Support Unit), created and implemented the placement of tactile maps and guides for blind people at key points of the University.

Mind the Map is an important source of information about the environment for the visually impaired. They emboss key campus points of interest and are accompanied by Braille descriptions, audio descriptions, and QR codes, which point to useful web pages.

In addition, guides are a necessity for the proper guidance and safe movement of visually impaired people to service, teaching and information points.

This pioneering idea shows the social sensitivity and care for students, the awareness of the university community and the local community on accessibility issues, noted the rector Mr. Albanis, thanking all the staff of the Accessibility Unit P.I. and the Mind the Map team.

The project was completed and presented at an event on 22/02/2022, at the University.

References to the project are also available on the following website:

Απτικοί Χάρτες και Οδηγοί Όδευσης