A brief flashback..
Flashbacks 29-01-2019

If I could give a title to everything the change of the year triggers and share it with you it would be “loving what you do is happiness”.

My course over the years has given me the opportunity to visit unique monuments, experience the energy-intensive dynamics of construction sites, attend award- winning exemplary restorations, attend sessions and trainings in Greece and abroad and draw knowledge, new perspectives and techniques.

Hundreds of projects, thousands of miles of routes and infinite experiences and emotions. Archaeological sites, castles, monasteries, lighthouses, historic buildings. Each work in another place, every project from a different time, every project different people, each with its own unique character, with common ground between them the agony of trying to intervene with respect to each restoration whether it’s a humble chapel on an island or the iconic Holy Sepulchre. From the beginning of the first contact, the study and design until the final implementation of the project, each of the people associated with it, lodging a piece of themselves and the collaboration is always unique.

Life-long relationships and valuable friendships have been born from these collaborations and I feel like for the year to come, my wish is to make every day richer in experiences, knowledge, things that make us happy and meaningful human relationships.