POTHOS 003 is an innovative water-based paint for interiors, its innovative formulation does not intentionally include organic solvents, plasticisers or formaldehyde donors

POTHOS 003 is a new-concept water-based paint for interiors that gives the coated surface a special “super matt” appearance. In addition to protection and decoration of the substrates, it is also a very high-tech paint whose innovative formulation allows it to capture the formaldehyde present inside the room and transform this into stable and harmless compounds. Formaldehyde is one of the main VOCs present in homes, as well as one of the most harmful: keeping concentrations down certainly improves air quality, meaning greater indoor comfort. It is in fact a “smart” paint: tests conducted at an independent laboratory prove how a surface coated with POTHOS 003 reduces free formaldehyde present in the environment by 70%. In the same test conditions, its life span is estimated to be around 10 years; nonetheless, this value is strongly affected by the level of contaminant in the room, how well it is ventilated, and the thickness of the coating