EOS 001


EOS 001 is an innovative, water-based paint for interiors produced in line with the latest principles on human safety and with a very low environmental impact. It is odourless, has very high breathability and is made additives with low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). In addition, no organic solvents, plasticizers and formaldehyde-emitting substances are added.

EOS 001 is suitable for decorating interiors and is available in white and various colours, it gives walls excellent levels of uniformity, coverage and a pleasing appearance. It is easy to apply and its excellent breathability means it is perfect for all rooms with busy traffic. EOS 001 is odourless both during and after its application and so rooms are immediately inhabitable and do not require any particular airing. Its formula with no volatile organic substances means that it satisfies the needs of customers who are particularly sensitive about health and the environment

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