EVOC 001


EVOC 001 is a water-dilutable enamel paint and its special water-based formulation makes it a product that is relatively odourless, non-flammable and has a low environmental impact.

EVOC 001 is a relatively odourless water-based enamel wall paint with extremely low VOC emissions, that is ideal for painting walls and ceilings in indoor environments in general, including spaces with controlled hygiene and crowded areas. The product is used to paint large areas in public buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices, as well as in environments subject to food safety regulations (i.e. HACCP protocol), such as restaurants, bars and canteens. The special formulation in fact ensures a film of paint that can be completely cleaned using a soft sponge and neutral detergents, including disinfectants, as long as these do not contain alcohol. EVOC 001 SATIN can be applied as a protective and decorative product, white or coloured, on suitably prepared lime, lime-cement and gypsum finish coat plasters and plasterboard.