The “Tower of Queen Amalia” , also known simply as “ Queen’s Tower”, is a building of the penultimate century in the area of Iliou, whose construction was complete in August 1854, the same day as its inauguration. The imposing gothic tower dominates the homonymous estate, which was remodeled at the initiative of then Queen Amalia. The remodeling transformed also the state mansion, into the new Royal Palace of Otto and Amalia, by French architect Florimond Boulanger, in imitation of the tower of HohenSchwangau, were Otto was born. Nowadays, at the expense of the company to which it belongs, this unique building has been restored to showcase the undeniable historical and cultural value of the area. For the full restoration of the Quenn Tower Amalia we supplied exclusively dry mortars without cement, ALBARIA INIEZIONE for the grouting, ALBARIA STRUTTURA for fixings and jointing, and with plasters FINITURA INTONACO 700 and 750 respectively for the coating.

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