The area south of Chios town known as Campos. It is entirely flat and is covered by a dense network of small roads. Most of the island is planted with citrus. The orchards are surrounded by high masonry fences, which protect the trees from wind and dust. The Plain landscape is unique and resembles slightly with the other Aegean islands. Antouaniko is one of the estates in the area. The main mansion was built in 1893 but older structures, such as the irrigation system and the citrus plantation, survive within the estate.

Work on Antouaniko included structural repairs, rehabilitation of the main house and conversion of the auxiliary buildings into living quarters, mainly for use during the holidays, as well as extensive rehabilitation works of the irrigation system. The connection between the built and the natural environment restored in accordance with the original design, as a country house surrounded by agricultural facilities and with all the interstices, structures and features restored.

The restorations in Antouaniko mansion, which is located in one of the most distinctive cultural landscapes of Europe, resulted in the restoration of a historical integrated complex, with unique mixed character that combines residential uses and agricultural production. The project was awarded the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage “Europa Nostra Awards 2015”.The judges particularly appreciated the high quality of the restoration works, which included the recovery of traditional building techniques and pre-industrial agricultural systems, the application and the promotion of local techniques as well as the renewal of the original relationship between the built and natural environment. The judges saw the project as a model for similar projects, which are essential if it is to maintain the authenticity of this precious historic district.


The building was restored using exclusively our cement-free hydraulic lime mortars. The building was also awarded with a Europa Nostra award in 2015 for its exceptional restoration

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