Villa Phaedra is located within the traditional settlement of Iborion, on the island of Xalki, one of the smallest islands in the Dodecanese, which is also the port of the island. It was named after the owner’s daughter. The dilapidated house came to the ancestor of the current owner in 1942. The exact date it was built is unknown, which is probably due to the complex historical course of the island.

The aim of the restoration study was to turn the dilapidated house into a traditional hostel.

Stone, wood, mortar and tile were the main materials of the building. The stone masonry was repaired using ready-made high-strength Malta Strutturale NHL 777 mortar, based on natural hydraulic lime. Then a joint was performed, internally and externally, with natural high-perspiration mortar, traditional type, MB 60 beige-gray color (code 234).

Hotels and Dining Areas
Τοποθεσία XALKI
Χρονολογία 2019
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