Reading.. about the Exhibition “Europa Nostra Awards 1978-2018 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments”
Reading our news 29-11-2018

Exhibition “Europa Nostra Awards 1978-2018 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments”
29/11/2018 – 16/12/2018

Within the year, of the Cultural Heritage and the 4th International Conference on “Byzantine Monuments and Cultural Heritage – Thessaloniki Charter”, the Greek Environment and Cultural Heritage – Thessaloniki Branch, organized exhibition showing the Byzantine monuments and sites whose rehabilitation was awarded by Europa Nostra. The exhibition was held in Eutuxia Kourkoutidou room and in front of the main entrance of the Museum of Byzantine Culture. Our company Dalkafouki Oikos LTD, sponsored this event.

More specifically, this report seeks to highlight the importance of the Byzantine civilization to the history and cultural heritage. Also aimed at highlighting the role of cultural heritage in historic and artistic knowledge and economic and social development of people and seeks dialogue on the importance of quality in the protection, restoration and innovative reuse in order to respond to this role. As a company we feel a great responsibility and honor for our involvement in such reports as aim the promotion of our cultural heritage.

It includes a total of 22 Byzantine and post-Byzantine monuments and monuments that show affinities with the Byzantine art and architecture, as evidence of radiation of Byzantine culture in a large geographical area. Of these, 12 are located in Greece, of which two in Thessaloniki and the other in the Balkans, in the European area and the broader Eastern Mediterranean region.

The exhibition is under the auspices of Europa Nostra, who has joined the Ministry of Culture and Sport in the events of the European Cultural Heritage Year having received the mark, and it occurs in collaboration with the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts the Greek Culture and Environment Protection Society for the excellent cooperation!