Pebble Floor

Flooring - Walls

MY  SCALA  is  a  solution  of  customizable  decorative  flooring,  with different options as to texture  and colors.  MY SCALA is a dry mortar suited for  incorporation  of  a  supplementary  aggregate, to be selected later on,  with  the  purpose  of  obtaining  a  unique final solution.  It  is  presented  as  a  dry  pre‐dosed  mortar.  It  is  constituted  by  hydraulic  binders,  calcareous  and  siliceous  aggregates and specific additives to  ensure  a  proper  workability,  high  esthetic level and good durability.

MY  SCALA  is  suited  for  the  execution  of  decorative  screeds  in  internal and external environments,  especially  suited  for  use  on  sidewalks,  surroundings  of  gardens  or  swimming  pools,  leisure  parks,  biking  paths,  building  common  areas, internal flooring in residential,  services  and  commercial  buildings,  among others

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