Clay Plaster HW SanRemo

Clay Products

Single or multilayer base and finishing coat for interior use, particularly suitable for changing substrates during renovation, refurbishment and modernisation. Clay plaster SanReMo is a mortar for moderately thick application. It can be applied very thinly at 3 mm or quite thickly at 10 mm. The mortar also tolerates non-uniformly absorbent or only poorly absorbent plaster substrates. This is helped by the porous water-absorbent pumice component as well as the fi ne bamboo fi bre component. The fi bre is not visible on the surface. As a basecoat plaster, clay plaster SanReMo is suitable for all fi ne Claytec clay topcoat plasters, e.g. YOSIMA. I can also be easily applied using the Clayfi x clay coating material system.

Single coat on all substrates • Basecoat and topcoat plaster, D 6mm • Also possible as thin and thick coats Ideal for refurbishment, renovation, modernisation

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