Resistance to salts

First layer: S 641

S 641 is a dry pozzolanic hydraulic mortar resistant to sulphates, with special additives to improve functionality and adhesion. Recommended for newer buildings. The S641 is used as a substrate to restore the moisture of the walls, helping the action of the S627 restoration plaster against rising humidity.

Second layer: S627

S627 is a dry pozzolanic hydraulic mortar, resistant to sulphates, with hydro-repellent material and special additives to improve productivity, adhesion and perspiration. S627 is used as a basic plaster coating to clean the moisture of masonry.

Third layer: S605 (final layer coating)

The S605 is a ready made eco friendly, white, high breathable eco-friendly plaster, based on water-repellent, for the final layer of plaster for the consolidation of masonry with moisture problems. Contains hydrated, hydraulic mortar, marble dust and graded aggregates <0.6mm. It is classified as CS II class mortar according to EN 998-1. ANAB-ICEA certified product for ecological construction.