Flooring - Walls

MICROCIMENTO is a microcement coating system that allows applications on a huge range  of substrates, with the exclusive sophistication of finishes that adapt to modern and traditional styles alike.

This new concept of mineral coatings, with a wide range of applications, provides enormous variety of results that can be personalised and adapted to each customer.

The main characteristics of MICROCIMENTO SECIL are:

• Thin high-quality, long-lasting finish; • Can be applied to inside and outside walls and floors; • Ideal coating for bathrooms and kitchens; • Good for renovation (it can be applied on old supports).

MICROCIMENTO is available in 15 colours and 2 kinds of finish and it is a versatile, adaptable solution for various styles and architectural environments.

It is ideal for renewing spaces and for new works, where you want the heterogeneous aspect of a coloured cementitious wall or floor.