The REABILITA CAL Inject is a premixed mortar, formulated exclusively with Natural Hydraulic Lime, for the structural reinforcement of ancient masonry, in which injection techniques are applied.  It features high fluidity and excellent workability properties that allow the filling of the voids in the interior of the structure that needs consolidation.  Its exclusive, natural hydraulic lime based formula ensures a total chemical and mechanical compatibility with ancient substrates, with optimized characteristics such as, elasticity, water vapor permeability, resistance to salts and the moderate development of the mechanical resistance over time, that ensure an excellent conservation of historic heritage buildings. The absence of soluble salts in the REABILITA CAL Inject eliminates the appearance of degradation phenomena associated to the formation of efflorescence.


The REABILITA CAL Inject is used in the injection of ancient brick, stone or mixed masonry substrates with reinforcement needs, such as resistant walls, foundations, pillars, arches and vaults. Its exceptional fluidity allows the consolidation of the interior of structures, as well as the treatment of cracks